Electricity Meter numbers are important

A large number of societies which carry out electricity billing are not very careful with respect to the maintaining correct meter number information. As the meters get replaced, the society does not track the correct details about the new meter numbers. More surprisingly, we find many societies which use automatic meter reading system also do not track correct meter numbers. This clearly points to faulty automatic meter reading process. Let us consider more details.

Every electricity meter is expected to contain a unique serial number. Meter is not a permanent fixture for a flat. The meter can always be replaced. Many societies track the meter reading against the flat number rather than the meter number. This is not a healthy practice. The meter reading should be tracked against the meter number. Of course, a good software should be able to handle this scenario out of box.

A more troubling trend is that there are quite a few automatic meter reading (remote meter reading systems) in the market which do not track the correct meter number. In or view, this amounts to a faulty design of the meter reading system. Please consider doing away with such a system.

Please note that good software should provide the correct features out of box. Please share your thoughts on the same. You may put in your comments here. You may also send your mails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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