Energy Audit

Modern societies run a distribution micro grid. They have various sources of energy such as electricity being taken from the city distribution grid, back up energy being generated with diesel generators and supplementary energy being produced by renewable sources such as roof top solar and solar heaters. There is energy usage and generation hierarchy. Estimates have to be made for the common area consumptions as well as for the energy wastage. The biggest concerns of the society are related with the common area energy usage and the energy wastage. The energy audit module helps calculating the common area consumption and energy wastage. It carries out an energy balance exercise based on the meter readings. In case of dual energy meters, it can carry out energy balancing for both main power as well as DG back up power. It is a very powerful tool in the hands of the societies to manage the energy usage. Of course, it helps if the energy usages at different points are being measured with meters. It can also help maintaining a list of common area electricity points and provides a facility to sum up projected consumptions.


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