Considerations for Solar Roof-Top Set-up

Solar Roof-top is a proven technology and has been adopted world-wide in a big way. There is big push to solar roof-top in India as well. There are now reliable suppliers in the market. It is now easy to install a solar roof-top.  There are a few important considerations/ decision factors while installing a solar roof-top. These considerations are applicable whether you are an individual house owner, an apartment society or commercial/industrial entity. Please note that these considerations are applicable for the entities which have an existing source of power – state electricity grid or Diesel Generator. Let us look t them:


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Solar Energy Sale to Third Party

A lot of Residential and Commercial facilities are very keen to use Solar Energy for it captive use. There is however significant capital involved in setting up the solar facilities. There are some options available in the market where a supplier or vendor gets into a power purchase agreement to sell solar power to the residential /commercial facility. The supplier brings the capital, set-up the solar plan, operates/ maintains the plant and then bills the facility for the sale of power.  It seems to be a win-win situation for both the parties. The question arises if it is legal or what the processes to made this a legal process.

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