Diesel Generator Monitoring

The residential societies are critically dependent on Diesel Generator power as back-up power. It however is very expensive power. The societies in place like Gurgaon meet 10 -12 % of the power requirement with DG.

There are major issues associated with the DG operations. The most important issues are as follows:

<(a)    DG operations at lower capacities.

<(b)   Unsynchronized operations of the multiple DG

<(c)    High cost of DG power

<(d)   Suspected Diesel theft

<(e)   Undetected Diesel losses / late detection of Diesel leakages

<(f)     Insufficient DG capacities

<(g)    Inaccurate DG costing


Modern societies have huge Diesel Generator capacities. It is not recommended to use manual systems to monitor the DG operation especially when enough people or expertise is not available to monitor the same. We thus recommend the societies to use and install DG monitoring system and applications. We provide the following in our DG monitoring solution:

<(a)    On line monitoring of Diesel tank level, power on/off status and  power generation

<(b)   Online calculation of DG loading and efficiency

<(c)    Diesel inventory costing (FIFO)

<(d)   Accurate DG power costing

<(e)   Alert for Diesel theft or loss

Every society grapples with managing manual systems for the same. Almost every one of them has had diesel leakages and a history of detecting them late.




0 #2 smartcom 2014-09-25 19:51
For the large generators, one should get 3.4 to 3.8 units per litre. We would like to study your system.
0 #1 premchand singhal 2014-09-21 10:51
DG Energy management for increasing the efficiency of DG set as we are getting 2.7 to2.8 unit per liter of diesel


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