Energy Data Assurance with Remote Meter Reading

You are always worried about the energy beings used in your home and you always have a lingering feeling that your electrical meters are not working fine. You need an assurance that your meters are working fine. The technology can help you with the same.

It is possible to get the data remotely about your current energy consumption. The ideal situation is that you should be able to see the online data of your energy meter. If the meter is by the state utility company, it is almost impossible for you to get online line data for this energy meter. If however, the meter is by your builder or by your society, it is possible to retrofit the meter or put a new meter with remote data reading.

In any case, you can always install an additional check meters within your home to collect the meter reading data. We can provide such check meters and can also provide you online data.

Even more than that, we can provide you a portable smart plug which you can use as a portable multi-plug for your major appliances such as air-conditioner or washing machine and get the data online.

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