Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a technology to remotely read meters such as electricity meters, water meters or gas meters. Time has come for residential societies to leverage this technology for their energy monitoring and energy management.

A large number of societies buy power in bulk and bill the residents for this power. They need to collect meter readings to generate utility bills for the residents. They also need to collect meter reading for other meters such as DG meters, common area meters. The other societies, where residents get electricity directly from state electricity boards do need to monitor DG meters and common area meters. Traditionally, the meter readings are taken manually and monthly consumptions are calculated.

There are significant reasons to implement AMR. AMR process can be used to collect the meter readings remotely and much more frequently say every few minutes. This has become essential as societies and residents require more granular visibility of the energy consumption.

Implement of AMR require following key components:

<(a)    Meters with communication ports

<(b)  Modems / Gateway (RF / GPRS) 

<(c)    Data acquisition System

<(d)   Business Application to monitor / analyze energy consumption

It is very important to work out the AMR architecture in such a way which is scalable. Some societies have understood the need for AMR but they make one fundamental mistake in the architecture. They ask meter vendor to provide the complete solution and cut out the options of using meters from more than one meter company. They do need a solution where different meters can be read by a common data acquisition system.

We at provide a scalable and robust solution for AMR and energy management.



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