Private Security Guard Eligibility Criteria


The residential and commercial facility can have private security guards manning the facilities. These security guards can only be provided by the securities agencies which have been duly registered as per the private security regulations applicable for the state. The private security regulations are governed by the central government act “Private Security Agency (Regulations) Act 2005. Each state has then notified the rules under this act as applicable for that state. The act broadly covers two dimensions– Private Security Agencies and Private Security Guard. Let us look at the private security guard eligibility criteria as per the act and the state regulations.



The eligibility criteria as per the act are as follows:


1) A private security agency shall not employ any person as a private security guard unless he


(a) is a citizen of India


(b) is between 18 years and 65 years of Age


(c) satisfies the agency about his character and antecedents in such manner as may be prescribed


(d) has completed the prescribed security training successfully


 (e) fulfils such physical standards as may be prescribed


                Every state in its regulations has setup physical standards. For example, the standards in Haryana are as follows:


  1. height: 160 cms for male and 150 cms. for females;

  2. weight: according to stand table of height and weight;  

  3. chest: measurements 80 cms with an expansion of 4 cms (only for men );

  4. eye sight: distant vision 6/6, near vision 0.6/0.6 with or without correction, free from colour blindness, shall be able to identify and distinguish colour display in security equipment; shall be able to read and understand display in English alphabets and Roman Numerals;

  5.  hearing: free from defect;

  6. free from knock knee and flat foot, able to run one kilo meter in 6 minutes for the age group between 18 to 30 years, 8 minutes for the age group between 31 to 40 years and should be able to walk one mile in 15 minutes for the age group between 41 to 50 years and in 17 minutes for the age group 51 and above;

  7. shall not be suffering from a disease, which may limit the physical or mental capabilities in charging the security duties;

  8. shall not be suffering from any physical handicap or deformity, which hamper in good performance of duties as security guard;

  9. the candidate should have dexterity and strength to perform searches, handle objects and use force for restraining the individuals in case of need;


(2) Should not be a convict or an dismissed / removed government servant


(3) Person would have a preference if earlier employed with army, air force, navy, any other armed force of the union, police, home guards etc.




As per point 1 (d) above, every state regulations also prescribe the training requirements. For example, the training requirements as per Haryana Regulations are as follows:


(1) Training shall be imparted to the security guards on the following subjects, namely:-


(a) conduct in public and correct wearing of uniform;  


(b) physical fitness ;


(c) physical security, security of the assets, security of the buildings/apartments, personnel security, household security;


(d) fire fighting;


(e) examining identification papers including identity card, passport and smart cards;


(f) should be able to read and understand English alphabets and Arabic numerals as normally


encountered at the time of identification of documents, arms licenses, travel documents and security inspection sheets;


(g) identification of improvised explosive devices;


(h) first aid;


(i) crisis response and disaster management;


(j) defensive driving (compulsory for drivers of armoured vehicle and optional for others);


(k) handling and operation of non-prohibited weapons and firearms (optional);


(l) rudimentary knowledge of The Indian Penal Code, 1860(45 of 1860), relating to right to


private defence, procedure for lodging first information report in police station as mentioned in Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973;


(m) identification of different types of arms in use in public and police;


(n) use of security equipment and devices like security alarms and screening equipment ; and


(o) leadership and management (for supervisory staff only).


(2) The duration of the training for security guards shall be a minimum of hundred hours of classroom instruction and sixty hours of field training spread over at least twenty working days in a recognised institute. Ex-servicemen and former police personnel shall however be required to


attend only a condensed course of minimum forty hours of classroom instructions and sixteen hours of field training spread over at least seven working days.


(3) First level and second level supervisors concerned with the management of security services rendered by the Agency, shall also be imparted training for a period not less than three months, minimum six hours every day, from a recognized institute. For the persons having experience of defence, paramilitary or police service, a condensed course of six weeks duration shall suffice. In addition to the subjects for the training of security guards, they shall also be imparted training in criminal law, police working, leadership and managerial skills.


(4) Every security guard and supervisor concerned with the management of security services rendered by the Agency shall have to successfully undergo the training. On completion of training, each successful trainee shall be granted a training certificate in Form IV by the recognized institute.


(5) Unsuccessful candidates shall not be assigned to security duty until they successfully complete the training.




We are almost certain that the security guards provided at your facility would not meet these requirements. You may ask whether we need people with such eligibility / qualifications and whether we can afford security guards with such qualifications. Does it force us to look at our security differently?


Of course an easier thing to check is whether the agency employed actually has a valid license to run a private security agency. You may be in for a surprise.


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0 #1 Subhash Salkar, 2016-03-29 21:12
knowledgeable.. .excellent guide to begin with the training centre and also to start security agency... Goa Recruitment and Employment Society wishes to start training centre in Goa for Security Guards...we will be oblidged if you guide us...I am the Chairman. Subhash Salkar


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