Weigh the Waste


Waste Management is a huge problem for urban localities. Huge amount of waste is being generated in India. The land filling sites are filling up fast and in many areas, legal land filling sites are no longer available. Many localities in India have started working on waste segregation. There are multiple segregation models – from 2 bins to 8 bins model. It is widely accepted that reduction of waste at source is the best method for waste management. What incentives do we provide the residents to reduce the waste?



We propose that the societies should weigh the waste before collecting them from the households. The waste can be weighed after segregation as well. They may then adopt multiple models to provide incentive on less waste or impose penalty on more waste. The simplest model would be that the society should charge the resident on the weight of the waste. Other model could be that the society can charge if the waste is more than some minimum quantity.


We believe that it would result in behavioural changes. On one hand, the resident would have an incentive to reduce the waste and on the other hand they would have an incentive to recycle waste by segregation.


The next question is how to operationalize the scheme. There are questions about where should the waste be weighed and who should weigh the same. The waste picker may come with a weighing scale, note the information on a piece of paper and later transfer the information on the register / software. A society then needs a mechanism to record this information and bill the residents for the same.


We would be happy to assist you in devising a solution for the same if you desire so.


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