Shocking Increase in Electricity Tariff at Haryana

HERC has approved the electricity tariffs for 2015-16. We must say that the electricity sector in Haryana I completely in shambles and all the parties DHBVN, UHBVN and HERC are equally responsible for the same. There has been significant cost revision for the year 2015-16.

You may view the tariff order at the following location:

You can view a summary at the following link as well:

Reading of the commission’s order points to a very sorry state of affairs. There is no real reduction in the losses for both DHBVN and UHBVN. The performance of both the discoms remains dismal in spite of significant increase which they get every year. We must also say that the performance is a direct result of inefficiency, lack of governance and corruption in these companies. These companies have an absolute monopoly and any growth in Haryana is despite these organizations.

For an individual consumer consuming about 550 units a month, the energy cost has gone up by whopping 28%.

For a society, the cost would go up minimum of 12 % to a high value of 27%.

The significant increase in the tariffs reflect very poorly on HERC. But there is a more strange decision by HERC which defies all the conventional logic.

Till last year, the tariff was always based on assumption that a person more than 800 units per month should be charged more. This limit has not been brought to 500 units. Thus, the commission thinks that the middle class consumer needs to be fleeced more. In view the commission should not have tinkered with the limit of 800 units and it should have created categories at higher range say 1500 units a month for even higher rate to induce some demand management.

With these changes, the slab system would lose its relevance significantly. The whole philosophy of getting more revenue from high consumers would go for a toss now.

The commission’s job is not to pass on the cost of DHBVN and UHBVN to the consumers. It is very clear that the commission is rewarding the inefficiency of the DHBVN and UHBVN at the cost of the consumers.

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0 #6 GURBACHAN SINGH 2016-01-12 13:43
It is unfortunate that electricity tariff for Domestic consumer comes to the tune of Rs.7.45/unit. I have received Electricity Bill for Rs.5389.00 for 723 units in this month which is shocking as it is a winter season and the power consumed is comparatively very low.

How a poor person working in an organized sector can survive with this huge tariff which is much higher to any of the State of India.

It is also shocking that Fuel Surcharge Adjustment is 26.62% i.e. Rs. 1110.17 on the actual reading of 723 Units apart from Electricity Duty & Municipal Tax are highly unjustified exploiting poor persons whereas on the other hand All MLAs enjoying free electricity.

Is this not gross injustice as CM is silent on this issue when made lot of commitments before election to reduce the electricity charges in Haryana.

Gurbachan Singh

0 #5 R S Mann 2015-10-21 23:38
Electricity rates hiked in Haryana, See the overdose only on middle class domestic consumers. Rates of non-domestic i.e. commercial supply are far less than domestic

Domestic Rates:

Cat I & II for above 501-800 @ 675/kWh

Cat III exceeds 800 Units for All units @ 675/kWh flat rate

Now see NON DOMESTIC (LT) i.e. commercial consumers

1. upto 5kW for all consumption @ 605/kWh

2. >5kW & upto 20kW for all consumption @ 675/kWh

3. >20kW & upto 50kW for all consumption @ 615/kWh

4. >50kW & upto 70kW for all consumption @ 650/kWh

5. >50kW for all consumption @630/kWh

Other commercial consumers

1. Railway: all consumption @ 610/kWh, 600/kWh, 590/kWh, 580/kWh

2. DMRC i.e. Metro : @ 590/kWh

3. Bulk Supply consumers (again Commercial) @ 610kWh, 600/kWh, 590/kWh, 580/kWh, 575/kWh

BULK Domestic Consumers
(Mostly Builders Tower like flats like DLF) @ 470/kWh, 585/kWh

+1 #4 John 2015-10-11 06:03
I understand from DHBVN electricity bill, above 500 units consumption Rate is 6.75/unit. I am not sure on FSA charges and Sundry Charges/Allowan ce. I have been following with the authority but seems they are not concerned with consumer grievance. Could you please let me know what these mean. Thanks!!

+2 #3 Naresh sharma 2015-10-05 16:06
Since all the Minister and MLA are not paying any bills thus no pinch to them. No where in India the rate of electricity is Rs. 10;18 Per unit. We are shocked to see the bill where per unit price is Rs.6:50. Where as other charges aremore then 50% charged in the bill. Can somebody from the department can explain what are these 50% charges against the unit price of Rs.6:50>

+3 #2 virendra s verma 2015-09-18 22:12
It is shocking to see that consuming 2900 unit is charged less than 2667 units.It is been charged at whopping more than Rs 10 per unit. Seems that Nigam is just not aware what they are doing. Nowhere in India is being charged so much also there is is no third party caliberation of meters. Whatever is being checked is being checked with Nigam lab and not from outside. Is someone listening what is happening.

+2 #1 Miserable_middleclas 2015-09-08 19:58
Shocking. Now for middle class even electricity is made luxury. Hard to live in cities. Must become farmer and get 10p/unit free power.


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