Amendment in Haryana's Single Point Supply Regulation

Haryana has a Single Point Supply to Residential Colonies or Office cum Residential Complexes of Employers, Group Housing Societies and Commercial cum Residential Complexes of Developers, Regulations. Under the regulations, it is now mandatory for these entities to opt for single supply connection. In case, these entities decide not to opt for the single supply connection, they should pay the distribution losses to the utility. HERC has now done an amendment in this notification.

The link to the amendment is as follows:

The amendment is that for the entities who opt for pre-paid metering, single point supply would not be mandatory. We have following observations on this amendment:

  1. The amendment says that all the residents would need to agree to have pre-paid metering. This would open up a lot of contentions. It is not possible for all the residents to agree. The societies have some mechanisms such as bye lays or resolutions to decide on the such matters. But in letter, it cannot meet the regulations.

  2. Pre-paid metering is not available. The residents and societies do not have visibility whether the pre-paid metering would be useful to them.

  3. Quite a few societies may agree for pre-paid metering but may not fulfil their obligations when the pre-paid metering is launched.

  4. One of the reasons sighted for single point supply is to control the distribution losses. It is not clear how the pre-paid metering would help in reducing the distribution losses (except for collection losses).

  5. The jury is still out whether pre-paid metering is beneficial to the consumer.

  6. It is important to understand what pre-paid metering solution be launched by utilities in Haryana. Would it be the standard dial pad entry pre-paid metering or would it include smart metering. Would the consumers have visibility to their consumptions? Would the consumer get a monthly bill along with pre-paid metering? Would consumers get rebate in single point supply.

There are host of questions with this amendment. The single point supply regulation is a mandatory regulation but the utilities have not been able to convert existing societies to single point supply.

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