HERC Clarification on Pre-Paid Metering and Correct Tariff by Bulk Domestic Consumers

HERC has published an interim order dated 30 Apr 2014 clarifying the issues related with pre-paid metering as well as the tariff to be used for billing by a single point supply bulk consumer.


The order is as follows


HERC has made the following points in its order

(a) The societies should bill the resident as per the domestic tariff as per section 5.5 of the Single Point Supply notification.

(b) The societies can use pre-paid meter but should not include maintenance tariff as part of prepaid meters


(c) The societies should provide a monthly bill statement to the residents even if they are using pre-paid meters.



To clarify on the points above:

  1. Many Single Point Supply consumers bill the residents on the average tariff at which they receive the single point supply bill.

  2. HERC published a single point supply notification dated 9th Jan 2013



  3. The single Point supply notification has the following text in section 5.5

“The GHS/Employer /Developer/RWA will not charge the residents for electricity supplied by the Distribution Licensee at a tariff higher than the rates for Domestic Supply (DS) category approved by the Commission from time to time.

In case any GHS/Employer/Developer/RWA charges the residents for electricity supplied by the Distribution Licensee at rates higher than the Domestic supply tariff, the aggrieved residents can jointly file a complaint against such GHS/Employer/Developer/RWA with the Commission through a petition for redressal of their grievance.”

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