Electricity Tariffs for Delhi 2014-15 Announced

The electricity tariffs for Delhi have been approved by DERC and the new tariffs are applicable for 17 Jul 2014. Please see the following link for the details about the new Tariffs.



The salient features of this tariff increase are as follows:

  1. The three discoms TPDDL, BYPL, BRPL follow same tariffs but different from NDMC.

  2. The hike in domestic tariff for three discoms is from 2.5 % to 25 %.

  3. The hike in NDMC in domestic tariff is from 0 % to 40%.

  4. For the first time, bulk domestic tariff for NDMC are published as well.

  5. NDMC tariffs still remain lower than other Discoms.

  6. Please note that there is 8 % surcharge on fixed charges and energy charges.

  7. There were PPAC approved from 1 Feb 2014 to 30 Apr 2014 for three discoms (BRPL – 6 %, BYPL -8 % and TPDDL – 7 %). They have expired. So effective tariff increase in three discoms is actually much lower (negative increase for lower category consumers)

  8. In the individual domestic categories, a new slab of 801 unit to 1200 units a a new slab of above 1200 units has been created. This is a welcome move in tune with the new consumption patterns.


If you want to advise you on the applicability of these tariffs or for any other query, you mean leave a comment or you may reach us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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