Closure of ‘Uninterrupted Power Supply with Reliability Surcharge’ in Haryana

The HERC in its order dated 31/03/2014 has put the lid on the uninterrupted power supply scheme with reliability surcharge in the state of Haryana. The scheme was announced on 14/03/2013.

No consumer has opted for this ill designed scheme.  We are of the view that this scheme was against the spirit of the electricity act 2013 and was not consumer friendly. Providing un-interrupted power supply is basic duty of the utility organization. A regulatory commission can build a special tariff structure for a customer segment for a more reliable supply. But there should not be a conditional reliability surcharge on the supply of power.


Of course, the reliability of the power at Haryana has been much better in 2013-14 thanks to high tariff rate and very high FSA.

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