Mandatory Single Point Supply Circular by DHBVN

There are two models of electricity supply in the residential colonies in Haryana including Gurgaon. In first model, the state utility such as DHBVN bills the residents directly and bills the association/builder for the common electricity usage. In the second model, the DHBVN bills a single point supply to the society/builder and they in turn bill the residents and also recover the charges for the common area electricity from the residents or from maintenance account. DHBVN has issued a circular to convert all the residential colonies with more than 20 houses from first model to second model from 01/04/2014.


Please look at the following link for the latest circular:

Of course, there are pros and cons of the single point supply. Please see the following blog for such a discussion.

Every society would now need to have a process and system to bill the residents. The society would need to have a system to record the electricity consumption of a specific day in a month, generate an electricity bill and run a money collection cycle. This process would also need to be done based on certain regulatory guidelines.

Of course, the societies would soon realize that there are significant electricity losses within the society. They would need systems and procedures to calculate, analyse and correct the losses. They would also need to have a system to maintain and replace the electricity meters. is a ready platform to carry out metering, billing and collection process for the electricity supply to the residents and to meet the all the system requirements for the societies and would help colonies to meet the system requirements to comply with the DHBVN circular.

DHBVN has based this notification on the HERC notification as per the link below:

Based on the regulation, the colonies have two option - either to accept the single point supply or agree to pay the bill for the losses for the society.




0 #2 smartcom 2014-11-22 11:15
Prepaid metering system is not essential in single point supply. RWA or builder can provide post-paid billing.
Legally since Jan 2013, single point supply is designed for gated compounds. The law was ambiguous prior to this period.
Single point supply has no relationship with DG supply. We have however observed that it become technically and commercially better for the residents to have single point supply if DG back-up is also being provided. We have seen quite a few cases where DHBVN does provide a single point supply even if the community is not gated.
-1 #1 sandeep 2014-11-22 09:13
I wanted to know whether in Single point supply, installation of prepaid metering system is essential?
Is single point supply is compultion in floors type of housing developed by builder where there is no gated compound and no facility of power backup by DG?


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