The mess in DHBVN Bulk-Domestic billing

DHBVN Bulk-Domestic billing is in complete mess. DHBVN got extremely hefty rise in the power rates for the year 2013-14. On top of it, there are significant issues in the DHBVN billing does significant putting a significantly extra burden on the consumers.


So what are the biggest issues in the DHBVN billing?

  1. Every Sub-division in DHBVN carries out its own billing. Each sub-division has its own unique interpretation of the tariff.
  2. The HERC approved tariff allows for 4% rebate in the consumption. A large number of bulk consumers are not getting the benefit of the same.
  3. Many of the sub-divisions give the 4 % rebate only on the energy charges and not on other charges related with the consumption. This is not correct. The HERC tariff clearly defines 4% rebate on the consumption.
  4. The bulk-domestic energy tariff depends on the number of dwelling units in the society. Many of the societies have not submitted this information to DHBVN. The DHBVN by-defaults bills the society in the highest tariff range of the energy charges. They should have ideally requested for this information to the societies. They have not done so.
  5. An even bigger mess is with the FSA (Fuel Surcharge Adjustment) calculations. There is no standard practice in DHBVN towards the FSA calculation. The issue is as follows. Many times, the FSA charges are published as recovery charges. For example, the notification says that additional FSA for Apr-2013 to Jun-2013 would be recovered in the bills of Jul-2013 to Sep-2013. Many of the sub-divisions charge the FSA twice. They charge FSA for the consumption for the month of Jul-2013 to Sep-2013 and later on recover FSA for previous period as well. On top of it, it gets published as Sundry Charges in the bills and the consumers cannot make head or tail of it.


DHBVN needs to put its house in order sooner than later and provide accurate billing to its customers.


+2 #9 smartcom 2015-01-31 23:27
Hi Vikas

The MDI should be reset every month. The fixed charges in the bill should be different every month.

with regards
0 #8 Vikas Saxena 2015-01-30 14:58
Fixed charges in bulk supply (33kv) for domestic is calculated the MDI recorded in the main meter installed by DHBVN.
I just want to know, Is MDI re-set every month and fresh MDI is recorded for the month on monthly basis.

-1 #7 smartcom 2014-09-18 22:35
Hi Khushbu

Fuel Surcharge Adjustment are fuel price pass through charges expected to take care of increasing fuel prices such as cost of coal. DHBVN announces the Fuel Surcharge Adjustment for different segments of customers. Please look at the following circulars to look at FSA for your category:
Do let us know if you require further information.
0 #6 khushbu 2014-09-17 10:29
i really want to know about fuel surcharge adjustments.. i have query regarding this plzz resolve this soon... as i have pay bill .. in bill very high amount is charged and i m getting abt that ..

0 #5 Aalok sapra 2014-09-10 07:47

0 #4 Atul Agrawal 2014-07-16 21:56

You should write an official letter to the subdivision office to formally complaint along with the calculations. We can help you with the calculations and write such letters.

with regaards
0 #3 Arun Agarwal 2014-07-16 17:29
We have the similar issue in Achievers, Sec 49, FBD.
I had written to Director (Tariff) - HERC and he directed me to SE - Hisar. I wrote to him and a couple of reminders, but no response.
In the letter from HERC to me, he clearly mentioned that no one can charge even a single paise more than what is prescribed. It also mentioned that, if any such situation is there, we can give a representation to them. I am going to write to HERC that we are being overcharged since April 2013.

+1 #2 Arun Agarwal 2014-07-16 17:22
We do have the same issue in our society - Achievers, Sec 49, FBD. I had written to HERC and they directed me to Suprintendent Engineer, Hisar.
I wrote to him with a couple of reminders, but no response.
Tariff Director (HERC) in his letter to me mentioned that no one can charge a single paise more than what is their in the order and asked us to give a representation to them if it's happening. We are going to write to HERC complaining that we are being over charged since April 2013.

0 #1 Harender Singh Keena 2014-03-23 00:40
I word by word agree to what has been mentioned in above article. Even in our society it has been charged like this. We have approximately 1200 occupied flats in the society out of 1700 flat.Our society is Omaxe Heights in Faridabad 86. It has a single point bulk supply of 33Kv line. Ideally we should fall in a much lower slab rate but inspite of several requests to DHBVN officials we all are being forced to pay as per highest slab rate. it is total unjustice with the residents and it is a sort of dadagiri of DHBVN. We were told by the senior most officer i.e. SE Faridabad that our commercial department chairman will clarify this ambigous tariff rate. Till date no reply has been received from any body in DHBVN. It is a total cheating with residents. Instead of giving us a honesty bonus we are being looted by charging at highest rate.


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