Master Data Management for Urban Housing Society Potal

Over the last few years, quite a few sites/solutions have come into existence which provides web portals for the society management. They fill a growing need of such requirements and help societies to improve internal communication.They however fall short of an industry standard and professional solution requirement for this segment.

We at believe that an urban society or community management is a complex process. Considering the nature of safety, security and privacy, a certain amount of control is needed for such a solution. One such example of the control is the process of who can become member of a society portal, what are the differences between owners, tenants, residents, service providers etc.We believe that the community portal should be smart enough to provide access to the members based on their roles in the society. For example, as soon as a new owner buys an apartment, he /she should get access to the portal automatically. Similarly the outgoing owner may need a very restricted access to the portal and it should happen automatically (of course, it needs to run a move in /move out process, which is uniquely available in is also important that owners / tenants / residents should have the access for their units but they should not be able to see an authorized data for other members. It also brings us to the issue of how we manage the apartments / flats in the portal. Controlling the data of the units and making them a key reference data is very important for the community data management.There is another tendency of the typical portal, they proudly make a make directory of the owners / residents (that is their primary aim to provide the portal and they can provide you a free portal for that information only!). We at strongly believe that maintain the privacy of the residents is extremely important and thus we do not provide any such facility.

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