Be Careful of Free Solutions

Please remember that nothing is free. You would find quite a lot of solution provider who would offer you solution for free.

They are of two categories – on is the set off people who want to establish them self in the market and would give you something free for some time. The second is the set of people who would just offer something free. Please be careful of the free offers as nothing is free. They may be keen to have your information and provide it at a cost to other service providers in the market. For example, if a company is into buying and selling properties, they would pay anything to get your data and then share it with the brokers anywhere. They would also be very keen to bombard you with the advertisements. So please be careful when you sign off for a free solution.

If you however feel that you can sign up for the free solution, please consider the following - please have a look at the privacy policy and the data policy; please check which modules you would get free and what you would not get free; please check how long would the free modules remain free for you - is it lifetime free; and please check whether you would receive free support for the free solutions.

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