Importance of Safety in Residential Colonies


The week of Apr 14 to 20, 2014 is being as ‘Fire Safety Week 2014” nation-wide. The importance of Fire and Safety in residential colony should not be under emphasized. Is your colony safe enough? Do you promote safety aware ness in the colony? Do you trained staff to handle emergencies? There are all very important questions. The society needs an action plan to kick-start safety related measures in the society and keep it active on a continuous basis.


A society has to handle quite a few potential fire and safety hazards as well as natural disasters.


In one of the study conducted recently, it was found that nearly 40% of visitors to hospitals, airports, shopping malls and office buildings in major cities in India are unaware of the location of fire exits, and more than one in four do not follow appropriate fire evacuation procedures in the event of an alarm. (TimesofIndia).


I am sure that the situation is not better in the residential societies. The situation in residential societies is not expected to be any better and the security hazards no less than commercial and industrial sector.


It is important for societies to consider the importance of fare and safety prevention and containment.


Let us make a start. We would suggest that every society to have a policy for fire and safety and they need to set up an action plan for the same.


The broad guidelines for having such an action plan managing fire safety are as follows:


  • Create an awareness of Fire Safety in all spheres of activity

  • Focus attention on Fire Prevention

  • Check Availability and Operability of Fire Protection Equipment

  • Train the residents / staff to manage the incidents related with Fire


The societies should immediately start such a plan. Please do let us know your thoughts and the actions being done in your society for the same.


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