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Urban communities are getting bigger and more complex. To manage the affairs of a modern urban society, one needs smart tools and systems. The tools which match with our lifestyle and are effective in making our living more efficient; the tools which can play a very important role in making communities such as residential society, apartment complex or condominium a smart or an intelligent community. The smart communities use the smart tools for both the residents and the administrator to get information about the affairs of the community and manage the affairs smartly which means quick, economical in time and effort and with respect to the people and environment. SmartComunity.in is the most flexible and powerful platform to manage the affairs of your condominium or society with thorough Participation, Visibility and Transparency. What is more this is available anytime anywhere, you just need to log onto internet and use it. No hassles of buying and maintaining expensive computer servers, building server room, worrying about the platform or technology or maintaining IT staff. It provides smooth transition from builder to facility management company and to residential association for managing the affairs of the society. There is no upfront capital cost. It can be scaled up or down with the growth or bifurcation in the society.

SmartCommunity.in provides most comprehensive solutions for apartment management, society accounting, RWA management, energy accounting etc. It is developed by industry professionals with the knowledge of the core utility industry and takes care of the real business processes and their complexities. This is the only solution which has been designed for specific needs of the societies and apartment complexes and is not going to burden the residents and administration with unnecessary information. This is not a reality website for buying or selling of flats with society management as part time solution. This is also not a classified with the list of vendors to provide the services. It can also not be created in jiffy by a resident without understanding the implication of using the right systems. This is serious business. Please look at the time effort and money spent in managing your society affairs and evaluate how we can help you.

If your society has subscribed; you can register and start using. To subscribe your society, send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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